Road to Biokovo


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Single track narrow street

Even if the mountains at first glance leave the impression as if it were “naked” or poor in plants and animal species, the reality looks very different. In the Biokovo Mountains grow more than 1500 different plant species, with more than 40 endemic. Among them, the most famous are the Tufted Bell (Edraianhtus pumilio) and from the family of flake flowers the Centaurea cuspidata and the Centaurea gloriosa.

The park is located 6km from Makarska in the direction of Vrgorcu, along the Biokovo road to the park entrance.

If you are looking for a contrast to the sea, you will find it in this park. The visit of the summit Svei Jure is worthwhile! The road snakes hair-raising over a good 20 km over 1700 meters in height – reward are spectacular and unexpected views. Who is not very experienced in driving on mountain roads, or the width of the car is not completely under control, but should refrain from a visit , otherwise the nerves on an abyss or guardrail will be overused
Spectacular approach
From the entrance of the park (365 a.m.) to the highest peak Sv.Jure it is 1762 a. d. M. and you can reach them only on the single track narrow street. Equally it is the highest road of Croatia with a length of 23 km. If you decide to visit by foot, more than 40 mountain trails from the coast and the Zagorje side from the foot lead to the Biokovo peaks.

The following video shows how the road ratio is

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