Snow in Makarska

3 years ago the snow reached Makarska and made everyday life more difficult.

With freezing temperatures, Makarska including snow was covered in white in many areas. Many actually only know the city in summer with sunshine and heat temperatures. This time the strong winds also contributed to the snow that has already fallen in the Biokovo Mountains, snowing down to the Riva. You have to add a really great experience.

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January even brought Siberian temperatures

In January 2017, the entire Makarska Riviera experienced a onset of winter in Siberian temperatures for over 26 years! At temperatures down to -11 degrees and the strong bura, the seating balconies, walkways, lighting, protective walls froze! On Sv.Petar you could see this natural spectacle. Temperatures of up to -26 degrees were measured on the Biokovo Mountains. In addition, the bura with winds of up to 150 k / mh made it increasingly difficult for both the locals and the firefighters who were in constant use. Several branches buckled, ships were damaged and the street lights were damaged. In addition, you had to make sure that you were not hit by loose roof tiles. It was literally a very cold winter and the bura made you feel the Siberian cold.

Seit der Wetteraufzeichnungen können sich die Makaraner an zwei sibirische Ereignisse erinnern; im Januar 1979 konnte man Temperaturen mit bis zu -9 Grad und am 23. Januar 1963 verbuchte der Winter bis zu -10 Grad. Die Bura im Anschluss trug noch dazu bei das vieles vereiste.Der Sv.Petar vereiste noch in den Jahren 1923 und 1947.

Nichtsdestotrotz nutzten viele Makaraner die Gelegenheit um dieses seltene Naturschauspiel zu nutzen um eiSince the weather records, the Makarans can remember two Siberian events; in January 1979 temperatures were down to -9 degrees and on January 23, 1963 winter was down to -10 degrees. The Bura afterwards added a lot of the ice, while Sv.Petar still iced up in 1923 and 1947.

Nevertheless, many Makarans took the opportunity to use this rare natural spectacle to take a walk on the frozen ice, as this video shows.

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