Skywalking Biokovo

The first of its kind in Croatia

A project that will offer visitors a great view until completion in summer 2020. On the punk “Ravna Vlaska” visitors to the Biokovo Park will have a great bird’s eye viewpoint. The cost of the project is approximately 32 million kuna.

The entire platform is located above the edge of the cliff and not only offers a view of the sea, but also the opportunity to experience the Biokovo rocks from a bird’s eye view.

Due to the unfavorable geotechnical properties of the soil, the earthquake zone and the unfavorable wind influence, the prestressed concrete structure of the main girder was selected and the steel and glass structure was used.
The main structure of the Skywalk consists of a “rigid box” made of foundation beams running perpendicular to the cliff, AB beams running parallel to the cliff and reinforced concrete slabs over the beams. A self-supporting, prestressed horseshoe-shaped AB beam is embedded in this structure. The horseshoe has a round shape of 8.5 m. together with straight sections, approx. 11m protrude from the “rigid box”. The foundation of the structure is on piles below the cliffs perpendicular to the cliff. In addition to the pilots, there are geotechnical anchors, since the console also creates tensile forces in the pilots that are further away from the cliff.

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