How to get to Nugal FKK beach (Walking guide)

Makarska is becoming more and more attractive in international media as far as tourism is concerned. When the summer wind blows on the Dalmatian coast, the beaches of Croatia polish their pebbles and flake their plumage for the high season from July to August. CNN honored 11 top beaches in Croatia including the nudist Nugal beach in Makarska.

Nugal FKK beach in Makarska
It is a must for many naturists. Although you have to walk a bit more than to other nudist beaches, but when you arrive, a nudist fan offers everything he needs. Nude bathing is on the rise. To get to the Nugal beach you have to walk a bit in the nature, because the paths are rocky, and the beach is hidden and sowmit not everyone immediately visible. In addition, you should take food or drink yourself, as there are no restaurants or cafes on the beach. If you are traveling by car, you should park the vehicle in Makarska and take it on foot. When you arrive, this nudist beach offers pure tranquility. You can enjoy undisturbed freedom of movement. This beach is like many other beaches in Makarska a pebble beach and you should wear water shoes and take a parasol. Just enjoy nature to the fullest.

Here you can see the description in the following article including description of the picture: Park your car free of charge at the road traffic office next to the Kaufland. Then continue on foot to Nugal beach.

Within 2 minutes you can reach 2 branches. Please proceed to the right.

Then continue straight ahead.

After a good 2-3 minutes you reach another junction. Please continue left.

Already after 2 minutes you reach the next branch which is not really but still go left to the macadam way.

The sign with all information is on your right side. It is now a good 15 minutes to Nugal beach in front of you.

It goes now a bit steeper downhill. Walk carefully.

The last branch is before you. Run down the path to the junction. Right next to the turnoff is a short info to Antun Gojak in which we will bring you closer in the next post.

Continue left along the walkway straight ahead.

Just keep walking straight ahead.

On the left side you can see that you are approaching your destination …

They approach the target. Continue straight ahead.

Only a few minutes to walk! Your destination is closer. On the stone walls you can see that the Nugal beach is imminent.

Done! You arrived at the destination. The Nugal beach is the only beach officially. Enjoy this piece of nature.

P.S. You can also look for the shade and eat comfortably, there are concrete tables and chairs. Please bring your own food and drinks as there is no kiosk within a 20-25 minute walk.

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