A journey into the past of Makarska

Makarska once was quite different

Many of you know Makarska as a popular holiday destination and most of you know the many attractions in all their glory. But do you actually know what this city used to look like? How did the city experience the change of government, the post-war era and what did the infrastructure look like at the time? Well, we had the opportunity to learn about it and got to see many of these pictures in a FB. Many of the locals exchanged pictures with each other and so many memories could be awakened again.

Even locals hardly recognize Makarska from older photos.

Makarska had its importance in the past due to its location. The fortification of Makarska dates back to antiquity and served the 7th century Slavs as a base for their piratical activities. Turks and Venetians alternated, Venice finally being able to hold its own for a long time; This was followed by the Austrians and, for a brief interim period, Frenchmen too.

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