In between Drvenik upper bay and Zaostrog, just below the main road you will find this secluded beach spot. This area has several hidden and secluded coves and this one is very popular with the locals. Quiet is out of high season. During top season can be very crowded. 
USEFUL TIPS: Just up on the main road from here it is possible to park vehicles free of charge on both sides of the road during the whole summer season (about 30-40 cars). 

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City: Zaostrog

Beachtype: Secluded, hidden, small pebbles/gravel, natural pine tree shade

Inhabited: No

Parking: No fee

Roads: Asphalt, goat paths

Kids friendly: Yes

Activity: No

Beach shoes: Yes, small pebbles/gravel

0  Hotel near beach 0  Beach massage 0  Camping 0  Handicapped wheel chair sea entrance 0  Aqua park on the sea for kids 0  Toboggan

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