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Best of Makarska Riviera beaches photos in 2016 – part I

Makarska Riviera Beaches


Best of Makarska Riviera beaches photos in 2016 – part I

Best of Makarska Riviera beaches photos we’ve published in past year 2016 on our Facebook page follows. Therefore, series starts with first from best of posts and we will show some representatives between most beautiful beaches on Makarska Riviera. The area is, however, very long – Makarska Riviera is 60 kilometers long, so thousands of pebble beaches can be found here. We will present them in this post from all three perspectives – the ground, sea side and from the air. To explore all of them you can use, of course, our unique on-line beach guide or IOS and Android native mobile application. Particularly, already more 10000 downloads are accomplished on mobile devices past three years since the app is out on the market. However, you can use app or web to get direct to each of all beaches we will write here about. Due to that, we will give you now brief report regarding best of beaches on Makarska Riviera and most liked photos in 2016 from our Facebook fan pages we run on English, Croatian and German languge. They are shared on our Instagram where you can follow as too. 🙂

Brela Podrače beach

One of truly gem beaches on Makarska Riviera for sure is Brela Podrače beach. Picturesque and calm, is located in the area of Brela officially called Podrače. However, it’s very popular between tourists in all summer seasons.

Panorama Promajna

Beautiful day always bring beautiful scenery and photography. This day was perfect to take photos when we captured this Promajana beaches panorama.

Makarska central beach

Makarska Riviera Beaches

Perfect day was to shoot Makarska central beach this day as well. Most of all, it’s important to know that Makarska central beach is very popular beach especially during top season when can be very crowded. This photo is captured in the middle of September during morning hours.

Podgora Plišivac area beaches

Most western and kids friendly beaches in Podgora are known as Plišivac between locals. Forward west, in direction Tučepi, starts area of several FKK – naturist/nudist beaches like Garma and Dračevac.

Beaches of Drvenik gornja vala

This beautiful beach bay of Drvenik gornja vala is located circa 30 km east from Makarska. Long pebble beach is spreaded wide along the whole coastal part of bay. Also, Drvenik upper bay has several family run hotels and all of them are located very close the beach side.

Gradac panorama and nearby FKK beach

Most eastern place of Makarska Riviera, picturesque Gradac, during late spring time looks like so. First beach, just left on this photo is FKK naturist/nudist beach and after starts kids friendly area with two hotels, Laguna and Labineca.

Transparent underwater paradise of Makarska Riviera Beaches in Tučepi and Zivogošće Velika Duba beaches

How crystal clear sea on Makarska Riviera beaches is, you can convince with these two photos, taken at the FKK beaches – secluded Kraljev Gaj which is located between Tučepi and Makarska, as well as heavenly beach Velika Duba in Živogošće. It’s real underwater paradise!

Aerial pieces of heaven – Nugal, Baška Voda beaches and town Makarska

Nugal is hidden and secluded, very popular FKK naturist/nudist beach on Makarska Riviera. It is situated below the cliffs, where during winter time water brook can flow and make 10 meters long waterfall. However, this beach can be reached only by feet from direction Makarska or by boat. For sure, Baška Voda beaches from the air are just spectacular! You agree? And finally, Makarska in this video as well.. 😉




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